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St. Clare Patroness of Television
Pray for Us

On February 17, 1958, His Holiness Pope Pius XII declared St. Clare of Assisi the world patroness of television. Why did our Holy Father select a saint who lived in the thirteenth century, the foundress of an order of strictly cloistered nuns, the Poor Clares, to be the patroness of anything so modern as television? It will be interesting to receive an explanation from the daughters of St. Clare.

On Christmas Eve, 1252, less than a year before her death, St. Clare was too ill to attend Midnight Mass. She poured out her heart to Our Lord, and her confidence was tenderly rewarded. She was given the grace to see the Crib and hear the sound of the instruments and the Friars singing in the Basilica of St. Francis during the Midnight Office and Mass, although she remained alone and immovable in the infirmary.

St. Clare will now take under her protection the triple task allotted to television by Pope Pius XII: that of it being an instrument for information, formation and transformation. In this difficult task, the beloved Patroness can inspire the means by which it can be accomplished. She can effectively give her protection to those who use it, and especially to those who make its programs, so that television can be, under our Saint's patronage, a means and an instrument capable of raising souls to the contemplation of high and noble things.

Clare, the silent, radiant faced ascetic, the mystic who knew perfect joy while diving deep into the mystery of the Cross, will surely fulfill her mission as a guiding light, the light indicated in her own name (CLARA); and through that personality which always knew how to gain her point without any noise. She lived unostentatiously, and was able to inculcate her teaching of fraternal charity because she herself was tempered in the fire of love. Her life was true to the opening lines of her Rule: This is the rule and life of the poor sisters: to observe the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ; and so her spirit is timeless, and as modern as the message of the Gospel.


O St. Clare, to whom God revealed
Himself even on this earth, help us to
see His divine wisdom in the marvelous
developments of science, so that we may
use them in such wise as will lead us to
the eternal vision of God. Through
Christ our Lord. Amen.

St. Clare, patroness of television, pray for us!
Our Father; Hail Mary; Glory be to the Father


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