For the Good Use of the Media
of Social Communication

O angels of heaven, watch over those who write, produce and distribute audiovisual media and all those who make use of them. Defend them from evil, guide them in the truth and obtain for them true charity. For the apostolate of the audiovisual media, ask of God the necessary vocations and be with them in their delicate mission. Inspire everyone to contribute to the apostolate of social communication media with good works, prayer and offerings. Enlighten, guard, rule and guide the world of audiovisual media, so that it may serve to uplift the level of this present life and direct humankind toward eternal goods. Amen

Queen of Apostles Prayerbook, compiled by the Daughters of St. Paul, St. Paul Books and Media, Second edition, 1991, Copyright 1991 by the Daughters of St. Paul.