For Films, Radio and Television


We praise and bless you, almighty Father, for having enlightened the human mind to discover the techniques of motion pictures, radio and television. The mission of these media is to educate and uplift human beings and society in general both materially and spiritually.

May these inventions, too, sing your glory as Creator and Savior. Lead us not into temptation, O Lord; deliver us from the evil of turning to ruin the gifts you have given us with such wisdom and love.

Direct those responsible for these media to work with charity and with respect for innocence and human dignity. May the media always sow good seed. Enlighten all listeners and spectators to seek programs that are moral and uplifting.

In reparation for every abuse, we offer you our daily work together with all the Masses which will be celebrated today throughout the world. We promise always to use these media for our good and the good of others.

Jesus, through the intercession of Mary, Queen of the Apostles and of St. Paul the Apostle, grant that through these media all people may come to know you as the Father has sent you: the Way, Truth and Life. Amen.

Queen of Apostles Prayerbook, compiled by the Daughters of St. Paul, St. Paul Books and Media, Second edition, 1991, Copyright 1991 by the Daughters of St. Paul.