For the Elevation of Society through
the Communications Media

Lord, in union with the priests who today are offering the holy Mass, I offer you Jesus-Host and myself, a small victim:

- In reparation for the errors and scandals spread throughout the world by the media of communication.

- To implore your mercy for those who are deceived and allured by these powerful media and withdrawn from your fatherly love.

- For the conversion of those who, in the use of these media refuse to recognize the magisterium of Christ and of the Church, thereby poisoning the mind, heart and activity of people.

- That we may all follow him, whom you, Father, in the immensity of your love, sent to the world, proclaiming: "This is my beloved Son, hear him."

- To know and make it known that only Jesus, the Incarnate Word, is the perfect Teacher, the sure Way that leads to knowledge of the Father and to participation in his life.

- That in the Church the number of priests, religious and laity may be multiplied who are dedicated to the apostolate of social communication and make the message of salvation resound throughout the world.

- That those who carry on the writing, technical and diffusion apostolates may be wise and holy and bear witness to genuine Christian life in the field of social communication.

- To ask that Catholic undertakings in the field of communication may ever grow in number and value, so that by effectively promoting truly human and Christian values, they can offset the voices of error and evil.

- That knowing our ignorance and unworthiness, we all may feel the need of humbly and confidently drawing near to the font of life and nourishing ourselves with your Word, Father, and the Body of Christ, invoking light, love and mercy for all humankind.

Queen of Apostles Prayerbook, compiled by the Daughters of St. Paul, St. Paul Books and Media, Second edition, 1991, Copyright 1991 by the Daughters of St. Paul.