Catholics Must Enter The Media

By Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

Echoing our Holy Father, who has repeatedly and urgently called Catholics to evangelize and to defend the Faith using the electronic media. Because of the media’s great influence, whole nations once strongly Christian, have not only abandoned their faith in Christ as the God and Savior, they have shaped the very laws of their countries in direct contradiction to the teaching of Jesus Christ and the Church which He founded.

The Church knows that these media "can have such compelling power that people, especially if they are not prepared, may scarcely be able to recognize it or control it, or when necessary to reject it." (Inter Mirifica,4)

I have repeatedly asked all to begin immediately to implement Vatican II’s document, Inter Mirifica, December 4, 1963, Decree on the Means of Social Communication. This is an arduous undertaking, but one that must be undertaken. Aware that most zealous Catholics are not as well organized or cooperative as those in the world. One of the hardest things is to get orthodox Catholics to cooperate even for their own projects. God will bless them, but they are usually no match for the organized efforts of those on the other side. This is a weakness.

Because of the unceasing ferocious dishonest attacks against the Catholic Church and its teaching, Catholics must enter the media on all levels. They must provide sound doctrine, and authentic Catholics must co-operate with each other. Catholics must evangelize through print, film, radio, television, and now the Internet. The first medium is print. It is not necessarily the most influential, but it is the most lasting and so it has the most lasting influence.

Referring to my conversation with Father John W. Mole, O.M.I. Father Mole showed me a letter, which he had just received from McLuhan, the famous media analyst. And in the postscript of the letter McLuhan wrote this statement. “The modern media are engaged in a Luciferian conspiracy against the Truth.” This is a statement you can never forget.

Catholics must evangelize through print, film, radio, television, and now the Internet.

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